Mediterranean Cruising with Princess – Day 1

Ruby Princess – Venice….

IMG_5586 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)
Our 12-day Mediterranean cruise started in Venice, Italy. We’ve been fortunate to travel to Venice many times, but we’ve never departed from the city on a cruise ship. One of the advantages of starting this cruise in Venice was we had an overnight stay in the city… so we could stay out late and explore!
IMG_5590 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)

After arriving from the USA, we traveled from the Marco Polo Airport (VCE) to the Cruise Port. With the new People Mover, we transferred easily. Princess had numerous young people, available after you exited the People Mover and headed towards the ship. Because we were early, we stopped and talked to a few of these representatives. They spoke multiple languages and gave us very accurate directions – even where we could get an espresso before boarding!
IMG_5608 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)IMG_5630 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)IMG_5617 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)  - Piazza San Marcos
IMG_5627 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)IMG_5624 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise) Walking down Rialto BridgeIMG_5636 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)

We boarded the water shuttle service provided by the Ruby Princess and off we went to Piazza Sam Marco. We spent our first day wandering among the familiar streets of this beautiful city.

IMG_5646 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)IMG_5649 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)IMG_5661 - Venice, Italy (Ruby Princess Cruise)

After a full day of travel from the USA, and walking the crowded streets of Venice, we were glad to be able to get back to the ship and rest! And no better place to do that than on the deck of the Ruby Princess.

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