Departing CDG – Paris

When we lived in Europe, Paris was often our destination or connection point. We would fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport via Vueling, easyjet, or other smaller European airlines. Often we’d land at the old Terminal 1. If we were flying back to the USA, because we were headed to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, we departed from Terminal 2E – which for years was being “rebuilt” after the collapse in 2004.

This year we flew Air France back to the USA… the first time in perhaps 10+ years. And what a difference… as we spent our pre-flight time wandering the Air France gates..

20140101_013118 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_030606 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_030120 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_030027 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_025834 Departing CDG Airport Paris

My first look at an Airbus A380… What a huge plane!

20140101_025654 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_025627 Departing CDG Airport Paris

20140101_025027 Departing CDG Airport Paris

What a beautiful facility… For years I’ve avoided CDG, and for good reason! Yet on this trip to Paris we flew in and out of CDG with no issues! Granted, we were flying nonstop, on Air France, and gave ourselves plenty of time (after all, this is CDG!)… but we were pleasantly surprised. And we certainly enjoyed the Air France experience. I hope you will also.

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