La Maison Angelina – Paris

Having been to Paris often, we’ve been fortunate to eat and drink at many fine establishments. Until I moved to Italy, I did not drink coffee. That changed quickly surrounded by great caffè. On this trip to Paris, I wanted to try the hot chocolate at La Maison Angelina.

I’ve had fantastic hot chocolate in Switzerland and in my former hometown of Rome… but I’ve been told, “You have to visit La Maison Angelina as it’s the best hot chocolate in Paris!” And so off we went.

I’ll start by saying that yes, this is a very popular spot with tourists. I saw NO locals upon entering La Maison Angelina. In fact, quite the opposite. Everyone had their camera out taking photos… and soon, so did I.

La Maison Angelina IMG_7425La Maison Angelina IMG_7424La Maison Angelina - IMG_7415

Okay, there were plenty of first-timers (like me). We ordered a crossaint, a pain au chocolat… and of course, Chocolat Chaud Angelina. As we waited, we admired the gorgeous belle epoque decor. Certainly, La Maison Angelina recreates the Paris you’ve read about. And how was our Chocolat Chaud Angelina? Pretty darn good – certainly the best I’ve tasted in Paris!

La Maison Angelina IMG_7416La Maison Angelina IMG_7418La Maison Angelina IMG_7420La Maison Angelina - IMG_7421

How would I rate La Maison Angelina? The service was perfunctory; we were served efficiently but there was no “connection.” The pastries were quite good, although I’ve had similar in pâtisserie all over Paris. The ambiance was… well, touristy. There really was little ambiance, despite the beautiful decor. We were fortunate that there was only one couple in front of when we arrived… so our wait was not long, as I’ve seen in other reviews. And yes, it was pricey.

La Maison Angelina IMG_7423

That all said, I’d go back if I did not have to wait in a long line… and if I can’t find great Chocolat Chaud Angelina like this elsewhere in the city. Yes, it’s that good. You don’t go for the price, the ambiance, or the service – you simply go for the Hot Chocolate! As a caffè drinker, I’m not sure I would go back often, but until I find better Chocolat Chaud Angelina in Paris… I’ll return!

La Maison Angelina
Multiple locations in Paris; but we went to the primary location:
226 rue de Rivoli
Paris, France
+33 (0)
– Open weekdays from 7.30am till 7pm
– Open weekend from 8.30am till 7pm

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