Mediterranean Cruising with Princess – Day 6

Ruby Princess – Katakolon and Olympia….

On Day 6, we docked in Katakolon, a small, one-street fishing village on the west coast of the Peloponnesus, Greece’s largest peninsula. Our primary reason to stopping in this small port? It’s the gateway to Olympia, site of the original Olympic Games.


Excavation of the ruins began in 1875, and Olympia was declared a National Park in 1976. The Olympia Archaeological Site lies in the valley formed by the Alfios River, and is a good 30-minute ride from the port city. We joined a Cruise shore excursion and headed by bus to the ruins of Ancient Olympia.

Our guide explained many of the ruins to us… and we all got to head into the Olympic Stadium area and practice running a few laps. Some of the marble stones and starting blocks of the stadium are still in position.

IMG_6111 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess CruiseIMG_6115 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess CruiseIMG_6119 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess CruiseIMG_6131 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess CruiseIMG_6135 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise

After a long, hot, dusty day in Olympia… it was good to get back on board and enjoy our balcony!

IMG_6149 - Olympia 06-22-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise

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