Mediterranean Cruising with Princess – Day 7

Ruby Princess – Athens….

IMG_6162 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise

Day 7 of our 12-day Princess Cruise through the Mediterranean found us in Athens. We arrived early in the morning before the city awoke. It was quiet and peaceful, but that did not last long! As the busy city stirred, we headed downtown. We’ve been to Athens before … so we decided to combine a visit to the Hotel Grande Bretagne with a little sight-seeing and shopping.

Athens is a HUGE city and the port of entry, Piraeus, is located on the west side of the city. Getting from Piraeus to the center of Athens will easily take thirty minutes by transport through the crowded streets. Piraeus has been Athens’ port of entry for over two millennium. Riding the metro to the center from this part of town is easy… if you can find a metro station. We asked many locals and got varying directions, but eventually we discovered the station closest to the port and clambered aboard. Once on the metro, we raced to the center of town.

IMG_6165 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess CruiseIMG_6171 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise- From Hotel Grand Bretagne rooftop

Because we’ve been to Athens, we did not spend a lot of time in the city site-seeing. There is SO MUCH to see here, it’s important to plan your day in advance, or take advantage of a shore excursion. Princess has many options – and we can also coordinate tours – that can provide you a glimpse of the rich history of Athens. If you’re not organized, the sprawl of the city and the innumerable site options can be confusing.

Some of the more popular sites include the Acropolis, The Plaka, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Old Olympic Stadium, the Athens Museums, Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, the Ancient Agora. and Ancient Corinth, Corinth Canal and Corinth Museum. So much to see. If it’s your first-time, do plan a shore excursion… and plan to return!

Back on board, after a long, hot day in Athens, it was time to head to the pool and cool off as we pulled out of the Athens harbor and left the bustling city behind.

IMG_6189 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise (Leaving Athens)IMG_6197 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise (Leaving Athens) (1)IMG_6184 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise (Leaving Athens)IMG_6196 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise (Leaving Athens)IMG_6198 - Athens 06-23-2013 Ruby Princess Cruise (Leaving Athens)

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