A Rainy Day in St. Andrews


On our way to Edinburgh we decided, really at the last minute, to take a side-trip to St. Andrews. It’s in the same direction from Glasgow and well, it’s the home of golf! How could I not go? So on a rainy, blustery day, we headed east.

From the St. Andrews Links website:

Golf has been played on the Links at St Andrews since around 1400 AD and the Old Course is renowned throughout the world as the Home of Golf. The game grew in popularity and by the 19th century it was part of the way of life for many local people, whether as players, caddies, ball makers or club makers. Golf still plays a major part in the culture and economy of St Andrews today.

As the 600 year history of the Links has unfolded, one simple track hacked through the bushes and heather has developed into six public golf courses, attracting hundreds of thousands of golfing pilgrims from around the globe. St Andrews Links is the largest golfing complex in Europe and all 18 hole courses can be booked in advance. The Castle Course, the seventh course at the Home of Golf, is situated on clifftops overlooking St Andrews to the east of the town.

When we arrived we were greeted by more wind – probably gusting to 40 mph. And it started to rain harder; whipping into our faces. Yet, when we walked to the #1 tee box at the “Old Course,” there was an unending line of groups waiting to go out. I know I wanted to play the course, but not today! Visions of the scene from the movie Caddyshack, where the Bishop (played by veteran actor Henry Wilcoxon) is having his best round of golf ever during a thunderstorm, repeatedly flashed through my head.

We did walk parts of the course, took a lot of pictures, visited the British Golf Museum, and of course the Gift Shops. Walking back, we stopped in at Tom Morris, the oldest golf shop IN THE WORLD (Add your Top Gear intonation here!). I talked with the manager and she assured me that the golf course is open all year round – and only closes when it snows. Wind, torrential rain – no problem!

Someday I am going back to play this course – It’s certainly on my bucket list! If you’re interested in a Golf Vacation, Contact Ron Phillips Travel and we can set it up for you. Frankly, I found the prices at the “Old Course” more than reasonable., I’ve paid much more to play a round on courses in the USA. It’s just getting a tee time during the preferred months that is a challenge. I know I’ll be playing in August!

After eating lunch just of the 18th fairway, we headed along the coastal roads towards Edinburgh … Here are just a few pictures from our brief – and wet – St. Andrews visit:

Ducks playing in water on The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

At least some folks were enjoying the weather on the Course

A multi-person golf cart carrying player to another course at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

The best way to get to the other courses from the Clubhouse!

Looking towards the 18th fairway on The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

Looking towards the 18th fairway

1st tee at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

Standing at the 1st tee

The Clubhouse at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

The Clubhouse on the "Old Course" at St. Andrews

Looking from the crowded 1st tee at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

From the very crowded tee box; Looking down the #1 fairway from the Clubhouse

Rge 18th green and the #1 tee box at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

#18 green, #1 tee, the Clubhouse and the North Sea... at the "Old Course"

Driving a Bentley across The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

Yes, you can walk - or drive your Bentley - across the #18 and #1 fairways

The Swilcan Bridge, on the 18th fairway at the Old Course, in St. Andrews, Scotland

Many golfers get a photo standing on the famous Swilcan Bridge, which spans the #1 and #18 fairways

Contact Ron Phillips Travel and we would be pleased to help you experience… and enable you to make… Golf History! For many more of our pictures of St. Andrews, head to this St. Andrews Pinterest board.

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