Here are some comments from clients of Ron Phillips Travel.
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“Ron is a detailed oriented travel agent. I have not used a travel agent in the last 10 years because in the past I have booking myself through the internet. This year I hired Ron to assist with our 2 week European trip to Italy and France. It took a great stress off of me and was a relief to talk with someone so well traveled and who understood our travel desires. He was spot on with answering emails and returning phone calls. Our hotels, rental car, train bookings were perfect. We had a wonderful tour guide that is a personal friend of Ron’s while visiting the Vatican in Rome.

Ron made several recommendations to us like the exquisite Antica Torre hotel in Florence. This hotel was incredibly romantic and was perfect for our stay. He even helped me pick out a international GPS to use in our rental car while traveling through the south of France. Best of all, Ron Phillips Travel provided me with a well-organized, detailed 65 page itinerary including city information. It was perfect to take on the trip. I really cannot say enough about the service we were provided and the personal attention Ron gave us before and during our vacation. Thank you Ron and I look forward to booking with you on my next vacation.”
Ashlie Williams – Panama City, Florida

“We first met Ron when he was a working in Italy. He was knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend the day with. Most recently I asked him for help in planning a vacation to the Amalfi Coast. I gave him a few general ideas and he did the rest, all of our hotels and our drivers, even got us hotel upgrades. We won’t go to Europe again without his help!! You would be lucky to benefit his wealth of information about European travel!”
Barbara Gubb – Massachusetts

“Ron is a true creative in the pursuit of a job well done. He works diligently to understand the how of a situation, consider the needs of a solution and orchestrate an inspired and innovative outcome. Ron is a great mentor, excellent teacher and has a passion for learning that exhibits itself quite well in his work as a travel consultant. I imagine that his clients all come away from an interaction with Ron full of a deeper appreciation of the art of traveling and the destinations it affords.”
Wendi Lowery Dalby, Ed.D – Nashville, TN

“Ron made our trip to Italy and France easy for us and his attention to detail was 110%.”
Kevin Williams – Panama City, Florida

“Ron is a guest oriented individual with a great eye to detail. He is able to listen and achieve results with attention to guest satisfaction.”
Bill Burke – Johnson City, Tennessee

“In the ten years that I have known Ron, he has always been the consummate professional. As a leader, he understands the blend between encouraging individual human development and achieving organizational results. As a service provider, he understands the importance of fully hearing the customer’s wants “and” needs. As a business person, he understands how to maximize resources for the greatest possible outcome. As we used to say in St. Louis…”he’s good people!””
Derek Young – Nashville, TN

“I had a great time in Rome – thanks for your help! I didn’t follow our plan 100%, but close. And I’ll definitely be back – I absolutely fell in love with the city. Thanks again – I would definitely recommend your services to anyone!”
Bryan Koontz – Warfordsburg, PA

“I cannot thank you enough for being such a huge help to me! And being patient with me on all the questions. I feel so excited and prepared for this adventure now and that’s all thanks to you! Thank you so very much!!! I stand in line now with your other biggest fans!”
Julie Swan – Charlotte, NC

“Ron, your assistance was so useful! It can be quite intimidating to travel to a country where you do not speak the language but having your help really made me feel much more confident. Things like photos of what the signs for the train station actually look like, exactly which entrance to look for at the Vatican and what time to go there, or how to use the gas pumps and how NOT to put the wrong gas into your car are just a few examples of the information Ron provided to make our trip much less stressful. I credit you for providing me with the information that “smoothed out” all of the potential rough edges to our once in a lifetime trip and actually allowed me, a certified control freak, to relax and enjoy the experience for once!”
Amy Gallivan –Washington D.C.

“Ron has been and is very helpful in navigating my way around world cities I have yet to visit. His organization and experience aligns with my need for detailed info so I don’t get way-laid or miss my planned departures. One of the best, if not the best, detail-oriented consultants I’ve come across. Thx so much for your help Ron!”
Jonathan – Woodland, WA

“You really helped me out when I was taking my family to Italy for a very long awaited exploration. You gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to jump into a cab at FCO and give directions in Italian! Without the hand-holding I got from you, Ron, I don’t know how things would have gone for us. Thanks very much!”
Irene Pham

“I contacted Ron to regarding a forthcoming trip to Italy. He was most helpful and gave me some very useful tips! He has extensive knowledge of Rome, the landmarks, guided tours, and even taxi practices. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Ron again for my travels as he is very friendly and gives genuine informative advice on any queries you may have.”
Andrea McLoughlin – Glasgow. UK

“In all of my experience with travel agents I have never received this type of caring service. I feel as though I am working with a very knowledgeable friend.”
Paulette Gaffney – Robbinsville, New Jersey

“This was such a positive experience that I look forward to working with Ron Phillips Travel yearly to plan our vacations. I felt they were genuinely interested in finding a fit for our needs and not just singularly focused on a one-size-fits-all approach.”
Andrew T. Rener – Berkley, Michigan

“We have special status at our hotel in Beijing thanks to Ron’s Virtuoso connection. This will give us a better room, early check-in, breakfast at no charge, and other dining and hotel upgrades. Friends who are booking at the same hotel-but without the help of Ron Phillips Travel-were not able to secure any of this.”
Karen Cunliffe – Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you for all your help with our trip, it was an amazing experience, especially for me being overseas for the first time. The whole trip went flawlessly from start to finish.”
John Seiffer – Panama City, FL

How fortunate to have chanced upon Ron during our research for first-time travel to Italy. It was all about getting between downtown Rome and the airport at first. Soon, however, we discovered the richness of Ron’s practical offerings for the traveler. Simply, his compilations and subject-specific listings are comprehensive, detailed, clear, specific — even photographs to help you find your way, step by step, through sticky segments of a railroad station or airport — yet seasoned with insight, big-picture perspective, and unmistakable care for his readers. He seems to be one of those rare advisors who takes pains to put himself in the place of the inexperienced traveler, looking at things through their eyes and anticipating their questions and needs. Then he provides thorough and helpful guidance. Thank you, Ron. We handled Rome with ease, joy, and fond memories.
Marc J, Gig Janes – Harbor, WA