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Rosewood Elite was launched in February 2008 with a very select group of agencies. The Rosewood Elite program was created to develop a meaningful partnership with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® top producers that goes above and beyond the traditional levels of services. Rosewood Elite is a carefully designed program that embraces and recognizes our clients. Brownell Travel is one of these elite Rosewood Elite agencies and as an independent Brownell Affiliate, a booking by Ron Phillips Travel entitles you to the Rosewood Elite amenities at any Rosewood Hotels & Resort® in the world.

The Rosewood Elite Benefits include:

  • Dedicated Elite staff at each Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® property
  • Personal welcome for Elite clients
  • A welcome note from the Rosewood Hotels & Resort® Managing Director
  • Pre-registration of Elite clients
  • Upgrade on arrival based on availability
  • No-relocation policy for Elite clients
  • Electronic personalized confirmation and preference request within one hour of confirmation
  • Top-of-waitlist Elite priority in high demand periods
  • Elite Price Assurance: If a special offer is developed after a reservation confirmation is generated for an Elite agent’s client, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® will extend better value upon request up until 24 hours prior to guest arrival.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® are devoted to creating luxury hotels and resorts unlike any other in the world. Since 1979, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® have bestowed each of their properties with one-of-a-kind ambiance and style. Whether located in the heart of one of the world’s great cities or in the splendid isolation of a tropical isle, each luxury hotel and resort is designed to enhance every aspect of a guest’s experience, by reflecting the location’s culture, history and geography.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® believes that true world-class status is only achieved when a hotel or resort combines the traditions of its host community with exceptional service, a luxury product and incredible attention to detail. This distinction has elevated the Rosewood Collection into the upper echelon of luxury vacation destinations for sophisticated travelers around the globe.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® share the belief that elegant travel, whether for business or pleasure, should be its own reward. It is a luxury, an escape from the cares of everyday life, an opportunity to experience a level of personal attention and comfort that exceeds expectations.

Contact Ron Phillips Travel to enhance your Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® experience. Let us plan your next stay!

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