You are a traveler, not a tourist.

We deliver a world of uncommon travel services.

Your five-star journey requires much more expertise than a traditional travel agency can provide. As your luxury trip advisor, we match your unique expectations with the globe’s finest hospitality resources in top vacation destinations.

We have special status at our hotel in Beijing thanks to Ron’s Virtuoso connection. This will give us a better room, early check-in, breakfast at no charge, and other dining and hotel upgrades. Friends who are booking at the same hotel—but without the help of Ron Phillips Travel—were not able to secure any of this.”
~ Karen Cunliffe, Atlanta, Georgia
As an Independent Travel Consultant with Brownell, we, and therefore our clients, have access to Virtuoso and its members all over the world translating to complimentary amenities such as upgrades, monetary credits and special experiences at member hotels and on cruise lines.

Our expertise is in upscale, boutique travel. We sell hotels, lodges, resorts, cruise lines, barges, private jets, charter boats/yachts, villas, apartments etc. that are vetted by Brownell, Virtuoso and/or on-site partners. These products tend to be 4, 4+ and 5-star companies who value their relationship with travel professionals.

At Ron Phillips Travel, we will use our Virtuoso on-site contacts, located throughout the world, to give you access to the best guides, drivers, and travel experiences.