Château de la Treyne

If you are seeking a place to go where you MUST relax, this is the hotel for you. We arrived at the front of this imposing chateau, with its magnificent gardens, from a winding little road bordered by hedges and flowers. Château de la Treyne was originally a 14th-century castle and now lives on as a Relais & Châteaux Luxury Hotel.

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We were met by the charming, gracious staff who were always attentive during our stay. Our hosts took us on a brief tour of the chateau.

The owners have worked hard to maintain the originality of the furnishings and wallpaper; each room on the main floor is inviting and encourages one to stop for a minute and enjoy. Quite relaxing.

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We were taken to our room, which was located in the tower of the chateau. The room was magnificent! The wallpaper, accessories, lighting were all made to encourage you to relax and kick back. Everything was topnotch, from the fixtures to the tidbits left for us to sample. Our bathroom contained a jetted tub that would fit three people, as well as other wonderful amenities.

The view of the Dordogne River was amazing. The chateau is not located in a village; it sits alone on the river, encouraging you to enjoy the countryside and the amazing ambiance of this wonderful hotel.


For dinner we had a 7 course meal of the chef’s specialties. Each course was accompanied by a local wine suggested by the sommelier. We were never disappointed with his choices; each wine enhanced the flavor of our meal and made the experience even more enjoyable. The food was Michelin star quality and original in its presentation.

We sat on the terrace, enjoying the martins fluttering around and the sun shining off the river. The owner, Stephanie, spoke to each table during the evening and was very gracious and comfortable with all the guests.


The bed was the most comfortable in which we have ever slept. In fact, we overslept the next morning and had to rush to meet our next appointment. We would have to say this was the highlight of our week long journey through the Midi-Pyrenees. Chateau de la Treyne exemplifies the qualities of a five star hotel: wonderful food, well-trained staff, and luxurious accommodations.

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